Lesbian lovemaking: how do women have sex?

Lesbian sex, how is that? A question that is regularly asked by women who like other women or are just curious about it. So if you wonder how women have sex with each other, then you are certainly not alone.

You can find information about heterosex all over the place. In sex education you learn how straight people have sex and in films you sometimes see in detail what can be done in bed (and outside of it of course ;-)). But how to have lesbian sex? This is often skipped for convenience. 

We understand that – because you are still working on your coming-out, for example – you are not yet ready to buy a nice book with tips for lesbian sex from the bookstore in your village or town. So if you are curious about lesbian sex and what the do's and don'ts are when you as a woman dive between the sheets with another woman, read on. 

But honestly, we don't want you to read this at all (😉). Find out for yourself, because let's face it; how nice is it when you are (almost) naked with another woman. Sex (lesbian or not) works best when you just leave the thinking to your body. But to give you that last push, we'd like to help you with some explanation about how women have sex with each other.

Foreplay is important

How do women have sex? Well, by starting with an extensive foreplay! Men don't need much, but it just takes a little more time for women to get properly aroused. 

Pain during intercourse and vaginal dryness; rushing the sex will almost lead to worse lesbian sex. Women therefore know very well that they have to pay more than enough attention to a good foreplay. So really take the time for this. Because the longer and more extensive the foreplay, the better, tastier and nicer the sex will be.

Talk to your lover about lesbian sex

Dirty talk helps to get in the right mood. But just because you're both women doesn't mean that what feels right for one automatically feels right for the other. Indicate what you want and don't be ashamed to ask for something or to clearly indicate what you like. It can be useful to make a kind of mini 'action plan' in your head beforehand. In this way, the way to a climax is found just a little faster.

Also use your mouth for things other than talking

You actually have it a lot easier with lesbian sex than the straight ones. You know what other women like. Oral sex is certainly one of the greatest pleasures in bed in lesbian (or lesbian) sex. Your mouth is therefore definitely one of the best ways to bring your bed partner into ecstasy. 

Try to vary it a bit. For example, by not using the tip, but the wide part of your tongue to satisfy a larger area. Also, don't try to use the same kissing technique you use for kissing. These lips require a different approach. Ensure a constant rhythm and, of course, regularly check the reaction of your lover. You may need to move a bit every now and then, use a little more pressure or if you get a satisfied response from your partner: keep going.

Kamasutra for lesbian sex? Yep!

The kamasutra is full of positions meant for straight couples. When it comes to lesbian sex, you can skip a large part of this book. But… they certainly exist, positions for lesbian sex. 

You may already know that positions such as Facesitting, De Lotus or De Pisces can also be used during lesbian sex. And that a good lap dance is also a good intense warm-up during lesbian sex, that also makes sense. But did you know that with a little improvisation much more is possible. From doggystyle to spoon-spoon where you use your fingers as a replacement body part. Really plenty of options and otherwise you can always call in help in the form of a great sex toy, dildo or, for example, this one strapless strapon.

Don't forget the boobies

Is there anything more feminine than breasts? According to many, the most beautiful body part of a woman. They are not only a pleasure to look at, but also important for (lesbian) sex. 

So don't forget the breasts and use them fully during sex. But of course there are more female erogenous zones that come in handy with a good girl on girl sex party. How about the clitoris and g-spot, for example. And the outer labia are also full of all kinds of nerves that can be erotically stimulating. How sensitive they are differs from woman to woman and it is therefore nice to find out during sex.

Use toys during lesbian sex

A female orgasm is already difficult, let alone an orgasm in lesbian sex. It can therefore be difficult for lesbian couples to reach an orgasm.

Toys can therefore be of great added value. They are simply there for everyone, both men and women and that is why there are certainly enough (lesbian) sex toys for women who want to have a good time together. 

Have you thought about one vibrator with remote control? You can control the intensity of this remote-controlled vibrator with the push of a button. A real tip for lesbian sex is the clitoral stimulator. Put it on your partner's clit (or your own, of course) and the Toy does its trick. The clitoris is stimulated almost 50,000 times a minute, if you can keep it up, and that certainly makes for an intense orgasm. 

The most important thing in sex, lesbian or not

Remember that the most important thing about sex is having fun together. Discover your partner's body and you will certainly succeed in spoiling your partner well in the long run. And that of course makes it even more fun. And the important thing is that you can let yourself go. It's typical for women, but don't try to be that control freak. Because the more you try to keep control, the less you will feel from the sex and the more difficult it will be to reach an orgasm.


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