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Woman Fingering: The 2 Minute Ultimate Guide To Maximum Pleasure

Fingering is one of the most intimate and exciting ways to sexually please a woman. If you use the right techniques, fingering can lead to intense orgasms, deep satisfaction and connection between partners. In this complete guide, you'll discover everything about fingering a woman, from anatomy to advanced techniques. We also share tips and tricks for maximum stimulation. Read on for expert level fingering!

Vrouw Vingeren

How can you a Woman Fingering?

Fingering is stimulating the female genitals with your fingers. This can be done both internally (via the vagina) and externally (via the clitoris). It's a form of foreplay that, if done right, can lead to intense orgasms.

Understanding the Anatomy is Basic to Good Fingering

Do you want to finger a woman properly? Then knowledge of the female anatomy is indispensable. Of course, every woman is different, but in general these are the most important spots to focus on:

The Vagina Has Multiple Sensitive Zones

The vagina consists of a number of zones that are very sensitive to stimulation. First of all, there is the entrance to the vagina, which contains many nerves and is therefore extra sensitive to touch. This is a nice place to caress and massage as a warm-up. Next you have the G-spot, which is about 5-8 cm deep in the anterior vaginal wall. The G-spot feels rough and spongy and can provide intense orgasms if you stimulate it properly with your finger movements. Finally, there is the A-spot or anterior fornix, the deep "roof" of the vagina beyond the cervix. This zone reacts strongly to deep fingering with pressure.

The Clitoris is THE Place for An Orgasmic Climax

According to research by Rutgers as many as 75% of the women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. This ultra-sensitive part contains 8000 nerves and is hidden at the top of the labia. By stimulating the clitoris before, during and after fingering you maximize her chances of climaxing.

The Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of fingering a woman. This can include kissing, caressing, and other forms of sexual activity that help turn the woman on. Good foreplay can make the difference between an average fingering experience and a great one.

Pressure and Speed

Proper pressure and speed are crucial when fingering. Too hard or too fast can be uncomfortable or even painful, while too soft or too slow may not provide enough stimulation. It is important to communicate with your partner and listening to her body language to find the right balance.

Techniques for Fingering a Woman

There are many different techniques you can use when fingering a woman. These can range from simple touches to more complex movements. Here are some of the most popular techniques.

The 'Come Here' Movement

The 'come here' movement is one of the most effective finger techniques. It involves bending your finger in a "come here" motion as you insert it into the vagina, allowing you to stimulate the G-spot.

The Circular Motion

The circular motion is another popular technique. It involves putting your finger in circular motions around the clitoris, which can lead to intense clitoral orgasms.

The Use of Sex Toys

Sex toys can be a great addition to your fingering experience. They can help increase stimulation and can provide new sensations that you can't achieve with your fingers alone.

The Vibrating Egg with App Deluxe

It Vibrating Egg with App Deluxe is one of our most popular sex toys. It is a wireless vibrating egg that you can control with a smartphone app, giving you control over the intensity and pattern of the vibrations. It's perfect for both solo play and couples play, and can be a great addition to your fingering experience.

The Strapless Strapon

The Strapless Strapon is another great sex toy that you can use while fingering. It is a strapless strapon that a woman can wear, allowing her to penetrate her partner while also being stimulated herself. It's a great way to turn the tables and experience new sensations.

Step by Step to Pleasant Fingering

Now that the anatomy is clear, let's take a look at the basics of good fingering:

1. Pay Attention To Extensive Foreplay

A long and sensual foreplay is essential to crank up her natural lube and warm it up for penetration. So take your time for kissing, caressing and massaging erogenous zones such as breasts, buttocks and neck. Also stimulate the clitoris beforehand to really turn her on and make fingering more pleasant.

2. Start with Gentle Touches to Put Her at ease

Start with gentle caresses on the labia and entrance of the vagina. Use lubricant for comfort. Slowly go deeper and faster when she's really excited and relaxed. A research shows that a slow build-up is important for generating arousal.

3. Gradually build up the pace for maximum stimulation

According to sex researchers Masters and Johnson, the human sexual response consists of four phases: arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Therefore, move one or two fingers in and out of the vagina in a calm, constant rhythm. Build this up gradually according to her reactions, to get her through the stages.

4. Vary Positions and Depths For Full Stimulation

Variety is important for optimal stimulation. So vary in pressure, pace and penetration depth. Alternate between shallow and deep fingering, stimulating every vaginal wall, from entrance to G-spot and A-spot. From research turns out that women find depth variation very arousing.

5. Listen To Her Body Language For Optimal Technique

Pay attention to her reactions such as sounds, facial expressions and movements. This helps tailor techniques to her personal preferences. Research shows that non-verbal behavior is an indication of arousal and likelihood of orgasm.

6. Encourage Interaction For Mutual Enjoyment

Let her send your hand for more control. Also ask regularly what she likes. Open communication is important for optimal mutual pleasure.

Advanced Techniques For Expert Fingering

Ready to go to the next level? Try these advanced techniques:

Targeted G-spot Stimulation

According to researchers, G-spot stimulation can lead to vaginal orgasms, ejaculation, and multiple orgasms. Try the "Come here" motion by bending your finger towards the G-spot, or massage this area with back-and-forth or circular movements. You can also hold the vibration function of a vibrator against the G-spot.

Clitoral Attention For A Guaranteed Climax

From different studies it turns out that most women only come from clitoral stimulation. Vary between direct massaging, caressing the environment and targeted vibration with a toy. Also choose a position where the clitoris is easily accessible.

A-spot For Deeper Stimulation

According to experts A-spot stimulation can lead to intense orgasms and ejaculation. Try massaging this deep zone with finger(s) or suitable toy. Combine with double vaginal penetration by spreading 2 fingers in a V-shape.

Multiple Stimulation For Extra Excitement

Vary fingering with combinations such as oral sex for double stimulation. Also use a strapless strapon for penetration while fingering. Or hold a vibrator against the clitoris for multiple pleasures. Research shows that such combinations increase arousal and orgasm.

Useful Tips and Tricks

With these tips to expert level:

  • Use plenty of lubricant for comfortable fingering without irritation. Water- or silicone-based are recommended, according to gynecologists.
  • Keep nails short, well-groomed to protect delicate tissue. Optional gloves.
  • Alternate positions, for example lying down, sitting, from behind. Variation in positions promotes arousal, according to experts.
  • Combine with oral, anal stimulation and exciting toys for extra stimulation.
  • Play on her fantasies for extra excitement. Discuss and discover each other's deeper desires.
  • Vary in pressure, speed and techniques. Avoid predictability, because variety motivates the senses (source).
  • Encourage her to send your hand for more control and interaction.
  • Communicate a lot for optimal satisfaction. Feedback is essential, especially with a new partner.

In short, fingering a woman is an art that you perfect with practice and asking for feedback. With these tips you will take fingering to an expert level! Be sure to check out our range of toys to make the experience even more intense.If you want to take your finger techniques to the next level, check it out Vibrating Egg with App Deluxe and the Strapless Strapon of our Toys Hub brand. They are specially designed to make your intimate moments even more enjoyable.


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