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69 exciting sex questions to ask your partner

Don't let the flame of your relationship go out on its own. If you can't turn each other on anymore, it's hard to maintain a relationship. Sex is important, so it is also important that you feel comfortable with intimacyt. It helps when you are open with each other. By showing interest in each other and asking sex questions you get to know each other well in the bedroom. This way you can take intimacy to a higher level.

Asking each other sex questions helps to rekindle the fire. It will not surprise you that every person, young or old, has a libido and sexual preferences and wishes. The problem is that not everyone shows that side of themselves. As a result, sex often remains undiscussed.

Never trust a book by its cover. You will be surprised what answers you get to the sex questions below. The questions are therefore fun to ask, a little naughty. Sometimes light-hearted and sometimes exciting. But… if all goes well they will provide more “depth”.

Innocent questions about sex

Below you will find some sexy questions. You can put them in a light-hearted way to provoke the other person, to break the ice or show the other a little more of themselves.

  1. What is your favorite body type?
  2. Do you ever do a one night stand (ONS)?
  3. What was it like when you did it the first time?
  4. Has anyone ever caught you naked?
  5. Have you ever "sexted" with someone?
  6. Have you ever filmed yourself having sex?
  7. Who is your favorite porn star?
  8. Have you ever sent a dick pic or the female version (a chick pic)?
  9. Are you dominant or passive in bed?
  10. Have you ever had sex more than once a day?

Questions about experiences with sex

Within an intimate relationship it is important to communicate. If you really want to spoil your partner, you first have to know what he or she likes and what not. Everyone has wishes, but it is precisely the exciting details that people are afraid to share. These sex questions help to be a little more open with each other.

  1. Do you ever use sex toys?
  2. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  3. What's your most bizarre sex experience ever?
  4. Which position do you really never do again?
  5. Have you ever participated in a gangbang?
  6. Have you ever been tied up during sex?
  7. Would you one masturbator or use an artificial vagina?
  8. Do you ever use lubricant?
  9. What was the best sex you've ever had?
  10. Do you enjoy experimenting with sex?
  11. Do you like soft or rough sex?
  12. Are you more of a giver or a receiver?
  13. Do you like a little dirty talk?
  14. What kind of porn do you like to watch?
  15. Eye contact or not?
  16. What is favorite position, is that above or below?
  17. Bald or some hair down there?
  18. Would you rather have the lights on or the lights off?
  19. Have you ever had a threesome?
  20. What's your favorite part of sex?

Questions about sex fantasies

Sex vragen

Some try to turn their fantasy into reality. For others, it's just fantasizing. Ask these naughty sex questions to find out someone's fantasies in the bedroom. Maybe you can do them together.

  1. What really gets you excited about?
  2. Would you ever bdsm want to try?
  3. Do you think you would like to try anal?
  4. Would you dare to do it in public?
  5. Which celebrity would you like to have sex with?
  6. Would you like to watch me while I touch myself?
  7. Do you ever fantasize about having sex with someone else?
  8. Swallow or spit out?
  9. What was the last sex dream you had?
  10. If you could change one thing about my sex skills, what would it be?

Sexy chat questions

You can send these naughty sex questions to someone over the chat to flirt, when you're bored or when you feel like an exciting date.

  1. Do you want to know what I'm wearing now?
  2. How fast can you get here?
  3. What's your favorite thing to do with me?
  4. Do you want my remote control vibrator?
  5. Do you make a lot of noise in bed?
  6. What's your favorite position with me on top?
  7. Do you ever dream about me?
  8. Where do you want me to touch you? Tell me.
  9. What's your favorite music to do it to?

Sex questions for him

If you want to ask your husband or boyfriend a few naughty, perhaps exciting questions, you'll find some inspiration below.

  1. Are you more into morning or evening sex?
  2. What's your biggest turn-off?
  3. Prefer with lingerie or without?
  4. How often do you do it to yourself?
  5. Do you ever have one prostate vibrator tried?
  6. Has anyone ever given you a lap dance?
  7. Do you like rough or more romantic sex?
  8. Can I spoil you while you drive?
  9. How many times a week would you like to do it?
  10. What puts you in the right mood?

Sex questions for her

Below you will find examples of light-hearted but exciting questions for your girlfriend or wife. Perfect if you haven't gotten around to dirty talk yet, but want to introduce it in a casual way.

  1. Do you have sneaky fantasies?
  2. Do you like it when I pull your hair?
  3. What do you wear to bed when you feel like it?
  4. Does it turn you on when I whisper naughty things in your ear?
  5. Can you lend me a hand?
  6. Is there anything you wouldn't do in bed?
  7. Do you dare to send me an exciting photo?
  8. What are you thinking about right now?
  9. Suppose we have twenty minutes together. What would you do?
  10. Do you like it if I take the initiative in bed?

By asking the right sex questions you can find out what your sex partner really likes between the sheets. Maybe those are sex toys with a remote control. A vibrating cock ring or a vibrating egg provides pleasure for two, as one has direct control over the pleasure of the other.

Try it yourself? You can order these and many other exciting sex toys quickly, safely and discreetly


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