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How To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Relationship

Bored of mundane sex with your partner and feel it’s time to spice things up? 

Well, it just might be time to involve sex toys in your private moments. 

If you’ve never used sex toys before, it might be awkward to bring up the topic to your partner. However, having a light conversation about it can help open channels of communication in your relationship that lead to the sexual pleasure you both might be longing for. 

For long-term relationships, sex toys can reportedly inject novelty and open a topic you have never really discussed before in terms of desires, fantasies, likes, dislikes, and boundaries. 

So, if you’re hesitant about bringing up sex toys to your partner or want to know the right way to introduce them into your relationship, here’s some advice to guide you in the right direction. 

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Timing Is Important

Don’t just whip out a sex toy while you’re already in the middle of having sex. This can go either way, so it’s important you have a conversation about including sex toys in your bedroom pleasure outside of sex. 

Surprising your partner with a sex toy while you’re already at it can make your partner anxious and feel tremendously pressured, which is definitely not the direction you want things to go in. 

Whether it is a new or an old relationship, there’s no rulebook on when you can talk about adult toys for sexual pleasure. However, once you’re comfortable with your partner and can openly talk about your sexual wants and needs, bringing up the topic of adult sex toys subtly shouldn’t be a problem. 

Once you’ve onboarded your partner on the idea of sex toys, you can dive deeper into the topic to introduce a wide range of adult toys available. 

Discussing various sex toys like vibration eggs, clit stimulators, anal plugs, butt plugs, vibrating cock, bed restraints, and more is itself a turn-on, isn’t it?

Always Request, Never Complain

Sex toys are meant to elevate the pleasure levels you and your partner already experience in bed. Sex toys are not meant to replace your partner, and your discussion should represent this clearly. 

If you sound like you’re complaining about your partner’s body or if you haven’t enjoyed sex lately as much as you’d want – you’re going to offend your partner. 

Most people are sensitive about their performance in bed, and if your introduction of sex toys comes in the form of filling any void in a relationship, it won’t work. 

Start on a positive note, inquire about how your partner feels, be curious about their thoughts on sex toys, and introduce adult toys as a new way to elevate the sexual experience further. 

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Don’t Force!

If during a conversation about sex toys, you feel the partner is not ready, open, or like the idea of introducing sex toys – don’t force it. 

If you find a barrier stopping you from introducing sex toys into your relationship, try to find the reason why your partner doesn’t like the idea rather than getting upset, getting into a conflict, or pushing the idea forcefully. 

Once you find the reasons that make your partner uncomfortable about sex toys and accessories, you can address those fears to eliminate any stigma around sex toys. 

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Be Assertive Yet Flexible

The first thing you need to do when thinking about introducing adult toys into your bedroom scene is ascertain what you really want. Inform your partner during a conversation about what you’re looking for and inquire what they feel about it. 

The key here is to be assertive about what you want but willing to compromise to meet at a point that’s comfortable for both of you. Both of you should be comfortable with the idea of sex toys and be willing to explore the possibilities it opens up. 

To be more specific, name a sex toy that excites you, like a vibrator, dildo, clitoris masturbator, or anything else, and ask what your partner feels about it. This opens the door to an elaborate discussion that considers both your needs, desires, and sexual fantasies. 

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Be Safe!

The market is filled with a wide range of sex toys to choose from. Once you’re past the discussion of introducing sex toys into your relationship, the next stage is to select the couple sex toys that’s right for you. 

Explore the various adult sex toys available, and once you’ve bought a couple of them, find the ways to use them to elevate the sexual pleasure you commonly experience.

There are guides on “how-to” use adult toys to enjoy more without compromising safety. Read the reviews, check out any videos (if available), talk to friends who might’ve used them, and then go ahead and use them. 

The thumb rule is if the sex toys make both of you feel good, then it’s the one for you. 

Final Thoughts 

You’ve to keep an open mind when using sex toys and be willing to laugh at each other or on the toy while experimenting. Don’t take adult toys too seriously, and go with the flow. 

Know that sexual experiments, especially with sex toys, don’t always go as expected. 

The secret here is to keep experimenting with various sex toys for men, sex toys for men, and adult toys for couples until you find the ones that truly deliver what you are looking for. 

While it might seem like a lot of work to find ways to introduce sex toys into a relationship, find the perfect adult toys for couples, and then go ahead and experience it the way it should – the final outcome is always worth the effort. So, if you’re willing to add a bit of kinkiness to your bedroom pleasure, go ahead and introduce sex toys into your relationship. Trust us, it’s a decision you’ll feel you should’ve taken long back!


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