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Vibration egg pink deluxe 1x1
Vibration egg pink deluxe 1x1
vibrerend ei met app besturing
bluetooth vibrator
egg vibrator
koppel vibrerende
vibrerende ei
vibrerend ei
g spot vibrator
remote vibrator
vibrerend ei met app
koppel vibrator

Vibration Egg with App Deluxe

Looking for a vibrating egg with app control that provides sensation both inside and outside the bedroom? Our unique vibration egg gives you the pleasure you deserve in every situation. Everything is possible. Are you ready for our exciting toy?


(4 customer reviews)

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Looking for a vibrator that provides sensation both inside and outside the bedroom? Our unique vibration egg gives you the pleasure you deserve in every situation. You or your partner can even control the vibrator remotely via your phone. When going out, in a public place or in the shower? Everything is possible. Are you ready for our exciting toy?

Your benefits

❤️ Easy to operate remotely by your phone
❤️ Get your ultimate sensation by the 9 vibration modes
❤️ Can be used in any situation because waterproof
❤️ Suitable for singles and couples

Can be used anywhere with your phone

This vibrating egg can be operated via the Levett app. Short or long distance? That doesn't matter with this vibrator. You or your partner can control the vibration egg at any desired distance so you can spoil yourself or your partner who does it for you at any time.


vibrerende ei

Create your own vibration

You can choose from 9 different vibration modes via the app. What makes this app even more special is the 'Freestyle' function. With this function you can create your own unique vibration by swiping patterns on the screen with your finger.

koppel vibrerende

Vibrate to your own music

How nice is it that our egg has a function to vibrate to the rhythm of your music. With this function you take your pleasure to a high level. Play your favorite music in the bedroom and the egg will continue to do its work.

egg vibrator

Unique sensation at your G-spot and your C-spot

The design of our vibration egg ensures that your G-spot and your C-spot are stimulated. This vibrating egg sends intense waves of pleasure straight to the right places. Both ends of the vibrator can vibrate, which makes this vibrator unique compared to others vibrators. The wave structure at the end provides a fantastic feeling.

Choice of 9 vibration modes

Via the app you can choose from 9 different vibration modes to give you the best feeling at any time. Of course you can also let your partner surprise you that can determine for you how exciting and intense the experience will be down there.

Safe to use

This vibrating egg from Toys Hub is made of eco-friendly material to give you the best feeling for your vagina. The vibrator is made of high quality silicone which is an incredibly durable material. This allows the vibrating egg to last a long time and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

g spot vibrator

100% Waterproof

Enjoy even in the shower or bath of the vibrator. Our vibrator is 100% waterproof so that you can get the sensation you want in every situation. TIP: let your partner control the vibrator remotely while you are in the bath or shower for an exciting game. Furthermore, the vibrating egg is easy to clean and you can easily rinse it under the tap or clean it with a toy cleaner.

Simple and fast charging

With the included USB cable you can charge the vibrating egg quickly and anywhere. In just one hour the egg is fully charged and ready to use. A fully charged egg offers you 50 minutes of pure pleasure with its sensational vibrations. This way you can quickly enjoy it again, wherever you are.

Including 1 month free Rouze

This wonderful toy also comes with a nice gift. Namely one free Rouze subscription of 1 month. On this platform you can enjoy exciting listening stories to bring you completely into ecstasy and let yourself be pampered.

Handy storage bag

With the included storage bag, you don't have to worry about this toy collecting dust or anyone discovering it. Store your toy easily. And due to the small size it takes up hardly any space.

Free E-book for the ultimate sensual experience

When purchasing this innovative vibration egg you will receive an exclusive extra: the Toys Hub E-book for the ultimate sensual experience. This E-book not only offers tips and tricks for optimal use of the vibration egg, but also provides suggestions to take your sensual experience to a higher level. Discover how you can use the vibrations of the vibrating egg to pleasure yourself or your partner and are guaranteed an exciting and confident sensual experience with your new Toys Hub vibration egg.

Why choose Toys Hub?

❤ 1 year warranty – If something breaks during that time, we are there for you
❤ Mission – Our goal is to push your sexual boundaries for yourself or together with your partner
❤ 5000+ Satisfied Customers who already use Toys Hub toys
❤ Customer rating 9/10 – Just under 10, but we guarantee quality
❤ #1 Specialist in sex toys – With a highly selected range for if you are a beginner or already experienced.

Discreet shipping

The vibrator for women comes in a familiar box, which means the delivery remains anonymous. Don't worry about your neighbor finding out what you order!

vibrerend ei met app

Package contents

 1x Deluxe vibration egg
 1x USB cable
 1x Carrying bag
 1x Manual

Order this egg today and soon enjoy the sensation you deserve!

Additional information

product dimensions

18cm x 3.5cm


Mobile app


148 grams

Package contents

✔ 1x Deluxe vibration egg ✔ 1x USB cable ✔ 1x Carrying bag ✔ 1x Manual





Working on

USB rechargeable

Customer reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ana Hink
Fun at a distance

This vibrating egg is a hit! So much fun using the app and discovering it together. Perfect for those exciting evenings. Definitely a must-have for adventurous couples.

Daisy Veer
Hidden pleasure everywhere

This toy is a hit! Truly a game changer for us. Super fun to experiment with and the app is great. Makes every date night more exciting.

Maissa W
Pure pleasure from a distance

This vibrating egg is truly a game changer. Super easy to operate with the app, which makes it even more exciting. Ideal for those special moments, both alone and together. Highly recommended for anyone looking for some extra excitement.

S Hardenberg
Topper for secret pleasures

Easy to operate with the app and provides a lot of fun, both alone and together. Ideal for those secret moments.

Surprising and fun

The app is easy and it is really exciting to use. Perfect for some extra fun alone or with my partner.

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Vibration Egg with App Deluxe
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